Category: IT Operations

Disable Alt Tab between Edge tabs

Alt Tab has always been a method to switch between separate programs. Recently, Windows introduced a feature that enables switching between the last 3 tabs in each browser window. As you can imagine, this causes a significant...

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Users and Devices in M365

In Azure AD there are two fundamental object types: devices & users. Understanding users and devices is important for: Identity (Authentication & Authorisation) Application assignment Configuration Policy assignment...

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How to Create a Win32 App on Intune

Since Microsoft released support for Win32 application deployment using Intune back in March 2019, Intune has been able to deploy any application. Although there is the option of using line-of-business (LOB) applications, the...

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How to change an Azure AD UPN

Recently I discovered that a handful of our users had Azure AD UPN’s which differed from their primary SMTP address. This caused confusion for users as they would login to their Microsoft account using...

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